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Title Test Find Customize Yahoo Homepage 1-833-554-6444 According To Your Preferences & Needs
Yahoo Homepage
In order to customize the Yahoo Homepage, you need to follow the below given procedure in a step by step manner. Procedure: Step First: First of all, you will have to navigate to your Yahoo page where you will be asked to enter your username as well as account password in order to sign in your account. Step Second: Once you reached to your Yahoo account, you will be asked to click ‘Themes’ option which would located under the Yahoo search bar where you will have choose a color from the list given over there. Note: By selecting ‘Customize Theme’ option you can easily customize the colors of your Yahoo Homepage. 1-833-554-6444 In addition to this, you can change the layout by choosing ‘Change Layout’ option. Step Third: Apart from that, walk through the whole your page, and decide what you want to delete or what you want to keep. Opt for the ‘Options’ and select ‘Remove’ from the list, if you are seeking out to delete the content available on the Yahoo homepage 1-833-554-6444. Step Fourth: Now, you will be asked to click ‘Content’ option in order to determine more information and then click on ‘Add’ option for those contents you are looking forward to having on your Yahoo Homepage. Step Fifth: After the completion, you need to double-click on the headings of the boxes you are looking forward to move them. Here1-833-554-6444, you will find all your boxes will get automatically changed in terms of its size if necessary. However, you might face trouble with the above given procedure; you need to be prepared with the required solution as problems can crop unexpectedly.
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