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Title Test Find Validate optional IP port number (1-65535)
This is the same as my regex listed in the source except that it is wrapped in (regex)? which makes it optional. The intended use for this regex is to be combined with buggy url/ip regex's to strengthen the port matching. It matches port numbers in the form of :1 to :65535 and also allows no port to be entered. I noticed that a lot of url/ip regexs either didn't match the port or matched it badly (allowing the port number to start with a 0 or be higher than 65535) This regex solves those two problems.
:1 | :65535 | :2546 | no port entered
:99999 | :0684 | :2ab23
Author Rating: Not yet rated. Matthew Harris
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Title: wrong exp
Name: Pik
Date: 10/14/2013 10:24:32 AM
i think, it is necessary to remove [0-9] the second part of expr correct expression is (:(6553[0-5]|655[0-2]\d|65[0-4](\d){2}|6[0-4](\d){3}|[1-5](\d){4}|[1-9](\d){0,3}))?

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