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Title Test Find UK Phone Number in 4-3-4 Format
Allows dashes or spaces to separate.
0800 333 4444 | 0870-333-4444 | 0844 333-4444
08003334444 | 0800=333=4444 | 0800 333 4444
Author Rating: The rating for this expression. Matthew Harris
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Existing User Comments

Title: re: More UK formats than that.
Name: Matthew Harris
Date: 4/18/2013 10:04:42 AM
I'm aware that there are more variations of phone number, this was just to match that specific 4-3-4 format. I have a range of other telephone regex on here too which match different formats. I think what you're pointing out is that it wouldn't be any good to use as a validator on say, a user profile page with contact details, but I was using it to identify a list of phone numbers and see what format they matched.

Title: More UK formats than that.
Name: Steve
Date: 11/4/2011 5:32:41 AM
Most UK telephone numbers can have either 9 or 10 digits after the 0 trunk prefix. The initial 0 is omitted when calling from abroad. 01 and 02 area codes should have parentheses around them if the local number part does not begin with a 0 or 1. 01 and 02 area codes do not have parentheses around them if the local number part begins with a 0 or 1. These are National Dialling Only ranges. All other area codes do not have parentheses around them as the area code is required for all calls. Number formats are expressed as: 2+8 to represent (02x) xxxx xxxx [in 5 areas] or 05x xxxx xxxx or 070 xxxx xxxx or 076 xxxx xxxx. 3+7 to represent (011x) xxx xxxx [in 6 areas] or (01x1) xxx xxxx [in 6 areas] or 03xx xxx xxxx or 08xx xxx xxxx or 0800 xxx xxxx or 09xx xxx xxxx. 3+6 to represent 0500 xxxxxx or 0800 xxxxxx. 4+6 to represent (01xxx) xxxxxx [in 580 areas] or 07xxx xxxxxx. 4+5 to represent (01xxx) xxxxx [in 41 areas]. 5+5 to represent (01xx xx) xxxxx [in 12 areas]. 5+4 to represent (01xx xx) xxxx [in 1 area]. Valid formats include: (011x) - 3+7. (01x1) - 3+7. (01xxx) - 4+6 or 4+5. (01xx xx) - 5+5 or 5+4. (02x) - 2+8. 03xx - 3+7. 05x - 2+8. 0500 - 3+6. 07xxx - 4+6. 070 - 2+8. 076 - 2+8. 08xx - 3+7. 0800 - 3+7 or 3+6. 09xx - 3+7. There are a small number of exceptions such as 0800 1111 and 0845 4647. The UK system is quite complex!

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